Updated Kitchen Pantry Organization

Updated Kitchen Pantry  Organization
Updated Kitchen Pantry  Organization

I recently updated my kitchen pantry organization process and I wanted to share the outcome with you my friends. Organizing and styling my home is a passion of mine. I am always looking for ways to make the process work seamlessly. In the past, I have written about my home organization adventures thus far here and here. While the foundation is in place recognizing mistakes, correcting errors and making updates as our needs as a family changes is a huge part of the home organization process. I have come to realize that Organizing your home will always be an ongoing process. Due to various reasons, such as systems that you may have put in place months or years ago needing changes or updates. As your family expands, wants and needs changes. There will be minor little tweaks, that can be made to make it work for your growing family.

Updated Kitchen Pantry  Organization

When I first organized my pantry three years ago. We were a family of three with a three year old toddler. Now we are family of four with different needs and longer grocery lists. In starting the kitchen pantry update. I had noted some of the mistakes I made from the initial kitchen organization process noted. I was ready to get to work. The foundation of an organized space will always stay the same. Even though you may need to make changes to readjust to your current or future needs.

I now have incorporated a section for my spice jars in the pantry, which I did not have before. Also, I am now mostly a daily tea drinker, so I now have a tea box to store my favorite tea bags. Also, with two kids who are in and out of the pantry so often. It mostly feels like every minute. I have also moved their favorite snacks and juices onto the lower half of the pantry. This will make it readily accessible to them, without having to worry about them dropping heavy objects on their heads.

Updated Kitchen Pantry  Organization

Steps in organizing your Kitchen Pantry

The first step

In decluttering or reorganizing any space is to empty out the space. Then sort items into two categories to keep or to trash. During this time also search and remove items that may have expired such as spices, cereal boxes etc.

The second step

Will be to make any cosmetic changes you will like to make while your pantry is currently empty. Here are some ideas on things you can do, painting, adding wallpaper, changing lighting fixtures, and adding more shelving if desired. Although in my case I decided to add this wallpaper to the walls. It was an inexpensive to give the pantry some character and add my personal style to the space.

Updated Kitchen Pantry  Organization
The third step

will be to sort your items into various categories. Like the list listed below. In doing this you will have a clear idea, how many storage bins/containers you will need when rearranging your pantry. This will also be good time to take stock of various food items and create a shopping list for items that are running out.

  • dry goods 
  • oils 
  • snacks 
  • water 
  • baking goods 
  • seasonings 
This will help with the fourth step

in this process. Which is, you guessed right shopping!! An itemized list will help to choose the appropriate storage bins, spice racks, cereal containers, etc 

My preference for storing dry goods and frequently used items are clear storage containers. There are various storage bins on the market. Such as plastic, clear bins, straw etc. There so many styles to choose from that I am sure you will find something that suits your personal style. My favorites will be the clear bins. It aids in easy visualization of items in the bins and items that need to be repurchased and you literally cannot miss it.

Updated Kitchen Pantry  Organization
The fifth step

is to shop for make our own labels. To help identify items in each storage bins or container. The labels used in my pantry update were from two different companies. The labels used on the white bins was bought from a store front on instagram called the talented kitchen. They were used on the white storage bins. The labels for my spice jars were from a store on Etsy by the name The paper and pear store. I love the minimalistic designs of the labels from both companies. In the past I have also used charcoal labels and wrote with a white paint marker pen to label each item. For individuals who have a label maker. It can also be used to create different label styles and font colors for labeling each storage bins. 

Updated Kitchen Pantry  Organization

Tips on keeping your Pantry Organized

  • My recommendation would be to store breakable items, medications, and items not used on a daily basis, be stored on the top shelf of your pantry
  • Assess your pantry bi-weekly or weekly as your schedule permits. It will help in upkeep of items list needed for future grocery run.
  • The daily assessments and cleaning up of untidy mess will help in keeping items in its place. This is important most especially if you have little kids.
  • Find creative ways to utilize your pantry space. The awkward configuration that mostly comes with mosts home pantry, should not be a deterrent when organizing your pantry. Doors and blank walls are great ways to create added storage space.
  • Shelf dividers are great in helping to maximize storage space. It helps create room to store like items in sections.
  • Take note of the expiration dates of food items, place ingredients that will be expiring first in the front, note expiry date with a sharpie on the bottom of storage containers.
  • Make use of corners by utilizing lazy Suzans and shelf dividers


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  1. Fatim
    April 5, 2021 / 6:18 pm

    I love how you’ve organized your pantry! So neat and easy to see everything!

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