How I organized my spice Rack

Hello friends, In the vast sea of the continuous onslaught of bad news, I hope you are finding ways to hold on your joy. One of the things that bring me joy is having an organized home. Today I will be sharing how I organized my spice rack. If this is your first time here. The process of how my kitchen pantry was organized can be found here.

Spice Rack Organization

My search for spice jars that met my specific need hab been a long process. On numerous occasions, I felt like I was looking for a needle in a haystack. A lesson learned is the importance of communication and asking questions when you find yourself at crossroads. My sister in law is a lover of all things DIY and home organization. She recently shared her pantry organization process on Instagram. This was when is spied this spice jars. A message sent a reply here and here we are.

Spice Rack Organization

Some of the things I like about the spice jars are as follows. Is that they come with clamp lids, it is made of glass, bigger than 3 oz’s, and has a wide mouth. All the characteristics of what I was looking for. I wanted a consistent look with using large jars, in other to have a consistent look. Here is a picture of m pantry to better understand what my intentions are.

I purchased the spice Jars from world market. It comes in a set of 6 and I ordered 2 sets. My intention is to order two more set of 6. I hope this has helped bring some clearity for anyone that is currently having the same dilemma.

Spice Rack Organization

If interested the jar labels were purchased from Etsy. My large storage jars can be purchased using my shop page.


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