Bedside Table Essentials with Wayfair

Bedside Table Essentials with Wayfair

I previously shared my plans for my Bedside table with you. Today I will be sharing my shopping essentials list for all items needed to style your bedside table. I am glad to be partnering up with Wayfair on this post. Most of the furniture pieces in my home were purchased from Wayfair. It is a full circle moment for me to have them sponsoring this post. My experience shopping on the Wayfair website has always been postive. As we all may know, one of easiest place to accumulate clutter is at the bedside table. It most often becomes a place to dump all sort of things.

My decor style is a combination of modern pieces with an infusion of classic items. I also like to make all my design decisions functional as well. Which can take one various meanings for each person. For me this means the space not only looks beautiful, it also caters to my lifestyle and day to day needs. Another thing I will be doing with this post is showing you two ways that I styled my bedside table. One for the minimalists and the other I will call a glam chic look. Prior to getting into the styling, I will be sharing some essential items you will need to have on your shopping list. A great important fact is identifying your style esthetic, or the kind of look you are going for prior to embarking on your shopping. This will help in making the selection process easier.

Essential Items for your shopping list

  • Bedside table
  • Lamp
  • books
  • Mirror or framed art
  • Books
  • Jewelry box or tray
  • Picture frame
  • candle
  • clock

Styling tips

  • Make it functional, to suite your lifestyle
  • Group items into groups of 3’s
  • Select items with Varied height
  • Choose colors that match or make a great contrast
  • Include variety of texture
Bedside Table Essentials with Wayfair
Bedside Table Essentials with Wayfair

Bedside Table Styling : The essentials

Mirror: I have frameless mirrors on both sides of my bed. They are hung higher than the lamp, this helps brings the eyes upward, create height and visual interest. If you do not like the mirrored look, you can also hang an artwork in the place of a mirror.

Lamps: Your choice in lamps should reflect your style preference and also harmonize with the rest of your bedroom furniture. The placement of your lamps will also be a matter of preference. I like my lamp close to the bed so it is easy to reach over and turn it off once I am in bed. You may also place it in the center of your bedside table or on the farther end from the bed. One thing to consider is the size of the lamp in ratio to your bed and bedside table. Another thing I considered when choosing my lamps, was getting one with charging port.

Books : If you are like me and love to read before bed, having your current reads within arms reach is both practical and can add style to your bedside table styling. You may use books you are currently reading and incorporating it into your bedside styling. Another option will be to style it with coffee books or decorative books.

Jewelry box or trinket dish: this will be a catch-all for jewelry that is worn on a daily basis. In the past I have often found my rings and earrings on the floor. This has led to having missing pieces of various sets of earrings. So having a small dish or trinket box was essential on my list.

Flower vase/Greenery: This add some color and life into your styling! There are various inexpensive faux flowers that can be used. A splurge will be using Fresh flowers on the regular. If you do not care for florals, dry pampas or succulents will be another great addition.

Bedside Table Essentials with Wayfair
Bedside Table Essentials with Wayfair
Bedside Table Essentials with Wayfair

I hope you are able to leverage some of my style choices, when you decide to style your bedside tables. I have also linked everything I used to style my bedside table below and order items that I felt were great options, for those whose style might differ from mine.



  1. April 1, 2021 / 7:26 pm

    Your room and design choices are beautiful!

    • Bisola
      April 2, 2021 / 8:45 pm

      Thank you so much for the positive feedback Kelly

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