Organizing Under my Kitchen Sink

Organizing Under my kitchen sink has been one of those projects I needed to do but have been putting off for a while. I reckon you can compare underneath the kitchen sink has a maze or dungeon if I want to be very dramatic. Jokes aside, with the pipes and awkward configurations Organization, can be a bit tricky.

The first step in making this process stress free is to measure the width and height of your space. This is important when shopping for bins and other storage containers you will need to buy.

Before Picture

Shopping list

  • Lazy Susan
  • Cabinet Extender
  • Storage baskets
  • Plastic Caddy

Organizing Under the kitchen Sink

  • Bring out all items under the sink
  • Wipe the counter with a disinfectant wipe
  • You may choose to line the cabinet with a contact paper of choice
  • Group items in Categories, Soaps, Sponges, Wipes, Trash bags
  • Place similar items in each bin
Organizing Under the kitchen Sink
Organizing Under the kitchen Sink
Organizing Under the kitchen Sink
Organizing Under the kitchen Sink

I tend to buy most items in bulk, so while rearranging the cabinet. I moved items that I had multiples into storage in the garage. Kept only one of each item under the kitchen sink. I also recommend a lazy Susan if your cabinets are narrow like mine. I bought two 12 inch lazy Susan from target. The one in the back row holds cleaning supplies that are used bi-weekly or monthly. While the lazy Susan in the front has cleaning supplies that are used daily.

Organizing Under the kitchen Sink

One of my favorite inexpensive purchase was the caddy that now houses the sponges, cleaning towels, and the magic eraser. I bought it for 99cents at the dollar store, what a score right? To also maximize space I placed the caddy and storage basket on a cabinet extender. In one of the baskets, I stored a roll of the trash bag and disinfectant wipes. I also transferred the dishwasher soap pods to a smaller storage container.

Organizing Under the kitchen Sink

In closing when embarking on this project, keep the measurement of your space in mind, declutter and limit items to what is frequently used. Bulk items can be stored elsewhere. Create more storage opportunities by using shelf extenders.


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