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Today I am sharing my future plans for my builder grade laundry room. My current laundry room is so far from functional. I had often wished that I could speak to whomever designed the layout of the laundry room. For those who may not know this liltle nugget about me. Which is that I am vertically challenged (5ft 2inches), loosely translated as, I am on the shorter end of the height scale.

The storage space is too high and deep for me to utilize it effectively. There have been numerous times when I have had to climb on top of the washer or dryer to reach the items stored in the top cabinets. Another issue I also had with the laundry room. Was that the storage we had were all open storage without any closed storage. After five years of this disastrous, yet dangerous situation. It is finally time to make some changes.

Laundry room
Laundry room refresh:
Inexpensive laundry room makeover

What really brought upon this change was when both washer and dryer stopped working. Since we were going to replace both, it felt like the best time to make the necessary changes to the laundry room. The goal is to create a closed storage system. We will be adding on a floating shelf. This will make it easier to asses the cleaning products, a counter top will also be used as a command center to fold and sort out laundry. With that in mind, I started looking around for cabinets. The ikea cabinets stood out and was the easiest to configure to the floor plan.


Laundry room refresh: mood board

The plan is to add three cabinets to the top and bottom walls for added storage space. There will be a counter top of the lower cabinets that will serve as a folding station or command center. Then over the washer and dryer will be a floating shelf for weekly items used for laundry. We replaced the old washer and dryer with the lg4.5 Cu. Ft. High Efficiency Stackable Smart Front Load Washer with Steam and 6Motion Technology – in Graphite Steel. One of my favorite features of the washer is the allergen feature.

I am also considering installing a tile backsplash behind the floating shelf and counter top. We painted a chevron grey and white pattern on that wall a year ago. You can read all about it here. Another idea, i am contemplating is to use either a subway tile or chevron pattern tile to be used as a backsplash on that wall. Or we may leave it as it is. For the knobs, I am contemplating using gold or matte black Knobs for each of the cabinet doors. As we start on this changes, you can follow along on my Instagram @ideallyorganized for all the behind the scenes action.


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