Kids Bedroom Design ORC Week 2 & 3

Kids Bedroom Design ORC Week 2 & 3
Kids Bedroom Design ORC Week 2 & 3
Kids Bedroom Design ORC Week 2 & 3

I shared with you on my previous post that we signed up to redesign our kids bedroom for the one room challenge sponsored by better homes and gardens. If you missed that post you can read all about it here. In that post I shared my plans and mood board for the kids bedroom. I also shared the timeline of our we will carry out the project for the next 6 weeks.

This week our goal was to take out the wallpaper that is on the focal wall in the room and figure out a game plan on how we plan on doing the wall trim. The wall trim we have in mind is geometric trim design. Since my husband and I are novice at this. We consulted with the school of doctor google and watched numerous videos on YouTube, read various blogposts before feeling prepared enough to take the task on.

The first step was to take out the wallpaper. The previous wallpaper was a peel and stick we bought from Wayfair five years ago. Removing the wall paper was another first for us. My main concern was insuring any damages to the walls during the take out process. Luckily none of that took place. We soaked a sponge in water wrung it out, then wiped down each role with the sponge. Then gently peeled back the wall paper of the wall.

Once the wallpaper was out, the next thing on the to do list was to make a pattern of the wall trim design using painters tape. This step was important for me, because I wanted to visualize the design on our walls. Prior to nailing any wood trim to the walls. So using painters tape we tapped out the design on the wall and looked at it for several days. To be honest this lit a fire under us, because we loved it so much.

Kids Bedroom Design ORC
Kids Bedroom Design

Plans for the next two weeks

The next step will be to purchase primed mdf that will be used to for the trim design. We also do not have a table saw, so will be doing research on how we can do that using a table saw. I am also thinking of ordering paint swatches from clarepaint. I am still deciding between what shade of blue or green I want to use.


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