Kids Bedroom : Spring 2021 One room challenge

Guess what guys, I did a thing! I signed up for the spring 2021 one room challenge. If you are unfamiliar with the one room challenge. It is an 8 week adventure, sponsored by better homes and gardens. Where featured designers and guest participants like myself. Choose a room or rooms in their home to transform in eight weeks. You can read more about the one room challenge here . This will be my second time participating in the one room challenge. In the spring of 2019 I participated in the challenge for the first time. My guest bathroom was transformed from a builder grade bathroom to a tropical oasis. You can read all about it here.

For this years one room challenge, I will be redesigning my kids bedroom. My two boys and their dad have been hounding or trying really hard to convince me. For what feels like ages of their need for a bunkbed. So after much deliberation, I know I am been dramatic here. I have agreed to them having a bunk bed. Since both boys currently share a room, I wanted to incorporate a functional yet and aesthetically pleasing design. Growing up I shared a room with my sister until I left home for college. It helped cement our bond, instead of drifting apart like most siblings with a significant age difference between them. This I know is not realistic expectation with this new generation. My hope is to encourage this arrangement for as long as possible.

The room now

Kids Bedroom : Spring 2021 One room challenge
Kids Bedroom : Spring 2021 One room challenge

This is the current configuration on of the kids bedroom. By youngest who is about to be two has outgrown or he is outgrowing his crib really fast. So now is the time transition him into a big boy bed. Luckily they are both currently do so well with this arrangement and we will keep the room sharing going. Until they voice their discontent for this arrangement.

Kids Bedroom : The design

Kids Bedroom : Spring 2021 One room challenge

The design plan will include a focal wall with trim design using 1by2’s to make a geometric design. On the remaining walls there will be a board and batten design wrapping around the room. It will start from the top of the doors. This will not be a middle trim design like most traditional board and batten design. In regards to selecting furniture. I have found a bed that will be going in their room from a local furniture store here in Houston. The design is pretty, it has be reconsidering bunk beds.

The current plan is to take out their current fan and light fixture combination. We plan installing a flush mouth lighting in its place. With now having bunk bed in the room, and my mom anxiety. The fan will have to go. As my oldest will also be starting kindergarten in the fall. With that in mind, I am hoping to create a work station in his room. A workstation where he can work on his homework after school or do any artwork or reading.

There will be two bean bags placed against the wall treatment. This will be a play area or relaxing station for both boys. The plan is to have a rug in the center of the room. Currently not decided on what rug yet, hoping to leave that decision for later. By the headboard of each boy, I am hoping to have wall scones. It can be utilized as a reading light or night light.

Weekly design plans

Week one: Remove wall paper

Two: Focal wall trim design

Three: Board and Batten wall

Four: Pick out paint colors

Five: Paint the room and instal light fixtures

Six: Assembly bunk beds

Seven : Shop for accessories/closet remodel if time persists

Eight : Finalize final details.

I hope you guys will follow along on this journey with me. With all best laid plans changes are bound to happen. This should be fun and I am looking forward to the final design.


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