Inexpensive Laundry Room Makeover

Laundry room

While what is going on in the world at this time, continues to be at the forefront of our minds. Our way of coping with it all is by doing projects in and around our home. Our inexpensive laundry room makeover was an easy and cost-efficient project to test the waters.

When we moved into our home 5 years ago. We chose not to have the builders do any upgrades in our home.

  • one because it was not cost-efficient.
  • two we wanted to be in the home for a while and have a feel for it. Prior to making any cosmetic changes.

Four years ago when we painted our son’s room we had some leftover paint. We decided to use the leftover paint for both the laundry and half bath. In the spirit of transparency, it was a decision that I regretted once the paint dried. We or I have tolerated this paint color for four years now and it was definitely time for a change.

Inexpensive Laundry Room Makeover (How)

Laundry room

We had some paint leftover again from painting the main area of our home. Sherwin Williams amazing gray and some white from… We agreed on doing a striped wall of the white and grey on the focal wall. Used white for the adjacent walls.

The time spent on the laundry room makeover was less than 48 hrs. It could have been less, but with two kids. This project was done during nap time and after they went to sleep at night. The most tedious part of the laundry room makeover was the striped wall. It was worth it in the end but it took some time.

We started by measuring the width of the wall, ours was 116. Then we decided on the width of the stripes. Based on the width of our wall, we decided to divide it by 10. With the leftover 16, it was divided into 2. That will be the middle stripes. In total, we had 10 stripes of 10-inch width and two 8 inch width stripes. then painters tape was used to section each section

Laundry room
Inexpensive laundry room makeover

We are in love with our laundry room makeover. The space is functional and looks. Best of all it was inexpensive. Enjoy the pictures.

Laundry room

I hope you enjoyed reading this and it encourages you to take on projects around your home. For more post about the project around my home, you may like here and here


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