10 productive tips for working from home.

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10 productive tips for working from home for employees transitioning to a virtual work environment. As we all come to grasp with the pandemic known as the coronavirus. We transition from working in offices to working remotely. The coronavirus pandemic has employers making a shift to a virtual work environment, a new normal for most people.

I will be sharing 10 productive tips for working from home. These tips will help increase productivity and work efficiently while working from home.



  1. Get ready for the workday. Taking a shower and getting dressed in the morning gives you a sense of purpose and helps set the tone for your day.
  2. Have a space dedicated to work. This helps creates a dedicated work environment in the home.
  3. Set your work schedule and stick to it. Doing this keeps you focused on set tasks. Which needs to be accomplished for the day.
  4. Utilize your allotted lunch breaks.
  5. Take scheduled breaks. Most employers allow employees to have two 15minutes breaks and 1 hr break each day. In addition, taking scheduled breaks has been known to increase productivity.
  6. Decrease distractions by effectively communicating with family members on how working remotely works. For Instance, set ground rules with family members and kids. This helps in the prevention of frequent work interruptions and unwarranted distractions.
  7. Stay connected and in the loop with your work family. By utilizing web messenger applications in use by your company. Above all doing this will prevent feelings of isolation from your work family.
  8. Reach out to your management, for clarification on your role and what expectations are. Therefore, over-communication is an essential tool for employees, who work remotely. It is also important to share your schedule and availability with everyone who needs to know often.
  9. If feeling overwhelmed and anxious about the new changes, an alternative is virtual counseling. The utilization of virtual counseling is a tool that most companies have for free for employees.
  10. Have a background noise. Therefore, keep the tv on low volume in the background. Which weirdly helps keep you focused on scheduled tasks.

In conclusion, working virtually is a new transition for most of us. However, utilizing some or most of the tips listed above will help in making the transition easier. It will also help increase your productivity at work.

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