ORC Boys Bedroom Makeover Reveal

ORC Boys Bedroom Makeover Reveal
ORC Boys Bedroom Makeover Reveal

We made it to the finish line guys. The kids ORC Room reveal is here. This has been a roller coaster of emotion for me and I am sure my husband. Last summer we also participated in our first ORC room challenge and you can read it all about it here. Some of the things we wanted to accomplish with the room was to get the kids a bunk bed. That was the number one request. Number 2 was to create a wall trim design, do a color block with the primary and secondary paint color, work station for my oldest and a reading nook for both boys.

Before Pictures of the Room

ORC Boys Bedroom Makeover Reveal
ORC Boys Bedroom Makeover Reveal
The Mood Board

One thing I wanted to do is maximize the space in the room. The old twin bed was long and ate up the space in the room. On the other end was the airplane wallpaper we installed when my youngest was born. So the had to go as well.

The Wood Trim Design

When we set out on this project, I knew we were going to tackle things that we had not done before. Case in point the wood trim wall design. We sketched out the design on the wall using painters tape. Then purchased 11/4 primed mdf from Lowes and went to work. We created a casing around the four walls using the 11/4 primed mdf. Then using a hand saw we cut the 45 degree angle needed for the ends of the design. It was nailed to the wall using the ryobi nail gun. The last step was to caulk it using paintable caulk and then painting. This is one of my favorite design aspect of the kids room.

ORC Boys Bedroom Makeover Reveal
ORC Boys Bedroom Makeover Reveal

The next thing we did was create a wrap around board and batten design on the remaining three walls. The design is different in that it is starts at the door trim and wraps around the room. After putting the board and batten the next step was to select a paint color. For awhile I just could not find any color that I felt truly represented the mood I was going for on this project.

Choosing the paint Color

Prior to traveling for a work trip. With the impending deadline looming ahead. I made a hasty decision and chose the Benjamin Moore Salmander, and had it color matched at Sherwin Williams. In an attempt to surprise me, my husband painted the room while I was gone. A very sweet gesture, but what he/we did not know was that when going from a lighter color to such a dark color like the salamander. It is best to prime the walls prior to painting. The paint did not stick to the wall and imagine my surprise when I came home to a beautiful room looking like a nightmare.

Back to the drawing board we went, I decided that I know longer like the salamander. With the help of google and another trip to Sherwin Williams. I stumbled upon this beautiful color called underseas. It is the perfect green with blue undertones. It was the perfect compromise for my new love for the color green. So the walls were primed and repainted. We created a contrast by painting the board and batten, walls and trim Sherwin Williams alabaster. The top of the board and batten was painted Sherwin Williams under sea. Since we were going to be installing a bunkbed, the decision was made to take out the ceiling fan. In its place was this chrome and black light fixture.

Putting it all together

Now that the wood work and painting has be done. The next step was to install the new bed and other furniture in the space. I found the Stig full over full bunkbed on Wayfair and fell in love at first sight. The design is sleek and modern. It is also very sturdy and made from real wood a must with my active boys. It comes in other colors, I went with the grey finish. I wanted it to create a nice contrast with the white board and batten.

My oldest will be in big kids school as he calls it in the fall. With that in mind I wanted to create a work station for him. I purchased the Micke desk from ikea. I love the modern geometric design at the top of the desk and the two turn contrasting leg design. The MÖJLIGHET magnetic and notice board was also placed over his desk. My hopes is that he can personalize and have it grow with him as he progresses through different grades. His desk chair is also an ikea find. I wanted something sturdy without wheels and had a modern design. My boys both love cars and planes. During one of my trips to home goods months ago. I found this cool lamp with the base in the shape of a dump truck. I felt like it will be a unique design feature in the room.

On the opposite end of big brothers work desk, is a seating/play area for baby brother. I found this rocking horse on one my late night session on the internet. The color and the design was perfect for the room,. The best part is knowing without a doubt that my baby will love it too. I am also sure that big brother will get in on the acton too. On the opposite side of the room is a reading nook for both boys. I found a flying saucer chair that is both cozy and comfortable. It is wide enough to fit both both boys. On the adjacent wall is a cloud floating shelf to hold some of their favorite books.

For afternoon naps I found this beautiful green velvet black out curtains. It gives the room a nice pop of color and creates a nice contrast on the walls and bed. On the opposite wall I added this matte black hooks to hang either their jacket during the winter and will be adding another two on the opposite wall for backpacks.

This has been a fun experience and we all absolutely love how the room turned out. The kids love their room and I am ready to move into their room if they will have me.

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  1. Cynthia
    July 1, 2021 / 6:55 am

    Wow! This is so perfectly done. What an ideally organized and thoughtful room for the boys to grow up in. You didn’t leave out anything.

    • Bisola
      July 8, 2021 / 8:49 am

      Thank You so much Cynthia

  2. Fatim
    July 21, 2021 / 11:08 pm

    You and your hubby did such an amazing job with the kids’ bedroom Bisola! The wall feature and color has got to be my favorite! Kuddos👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

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