Living room refresh with Wayfair- 5 decor tips

The post is being sponsored by Wayfair, all opinions stated are mine.

I recently did a living room refresh and I will be sharing 5 decor tips that can be utilized when refreshing your living room. While keeping close attention to your budget. Items such as pillows, florals, rug choices and end tables can help give your room a face lift. If you anything like me, you may crave change in your home design from time to time. Then this is the post for you. As much as I like to make changes in my home. It is important to note that little changes often make a big impact. When the right selections for the design space is made. I had the opportunity to partner with to update my living room for this post. I truly loved how the room came together. My goal was elegant and practical. Which I feel was accomplished with this living room refresh.

Living room refresh with Wayfair- 5 decor tips


Previously i used to have four 20×20 throw pillows on my sofa. Then I realized that it was too overwhelming in size for the couch. Which led to the decision of reducing the count down to three. Also, I purchased lighter colored in black and white. The pillows were described has Moroccan pillow, since we recently visited Morocco. I was drawn to the texture, design and fringe detail on the pillows.

5 Tips to refresh your living room with Wayfair


Although, I did not change switch the rug in my space. A lighter colored or gray colored rug will also be great in this space. When making choices in rugs, I always like for my rugs to be bigger than the placement length and width of the furniture in the room.

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End table

End table’s for me are used as an opportunity to make a personal style statement. This oval piece has been the starter to numerous conversations. I wanted something with unique design but still had the brass element of design. Another factor, I liked about the design of the end table is the size. It is sleek yet compact in design. It also has a marble top, which complements the center table.

5 Tips to refresh your living room with Wayfair

Center Table

My favorite piece in the living room refresh is this stunning oval, brass, and marble center table. Previously I had a rectangular shaped center table in this space. In hindsight, it was too wide for the space. Another feature I like about the new center table is the shape, the round/oval shape is great when you have little kids/toddlers around. When making home design choices. Due to it not having any sharp edges, there is less chances of any bumps or bruises happening. Most importantly it complements the space perfectly.

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