My Current Netflix Favorites

My Current Netflix Favorites

Sharing some of the shows I have watched recently on Netflix. Watching shows on Netflix on the weekends and at night after putting the kids is a favorite past time of mine. Most especially now with the pandemic, you know we are stuck at home. Today I will be sharing a few shows that I think you all may enjoy watching as we begin the weekend. This week has really been drawn out and heavy for me. I can’t really pinpoint the cause but I am riding the waves and not dwelling on the negative. That’s all we can do right. When there is so much going right and negative feelings, doubt slowly try to creep in. Ok now on to my Netflix shows recommendations.

The Imposters

From the name, you can deduce what the storyline is all about. The shows centers around four-man con groups who go from one city to the next assuming new identities. The young female lead gets into relationships with men/women who fall in love with her. She marries them, then Cons them out of their life savings. Then three of the people she conned, meet while trying to find her. Which leads to an adventure and self-reflection for each one of them.


This is a movie that is lead by Charlize Theron. It is made up of a group of mercenaries, all century-old immortals with supernatural powers such as the ability to self-heal. They were discovered by someone who wants to capture them and use their superpowers for self-gain.


If you enjoy sci-fi shows or harry porter esque shows you will enjoy this. I binged watched this all day last Saturday and really enjoyed it. The story centers around a teenage sorceress Nimue who is part of an elfin clan that is been persecuted for their special powers. She meets various people along the way who help her on a quest to conquer the red brothers. In every good story, the female lead has a love interest. A show to check out I really enjoyed it.

5 ways to find joy during a Pandemic


the shows centers around Marty Byrde, a financial planner who accidentally finds out his partner has been laundering money for the Mexican cartel. He fled from Chicago suburbs to a small town called the Ozarks with his wife Wendy and their two kids. Unbeknownst to him, his partner stole from the Mexican drug cartel and now Marty has to pay the money owed back. We also get to see fractures in his relationship with his wife and kids.

Black Earth Rising

The show centers around Kate Ashby an orphan born Rwanda but raised in Britain by her adoptive mother, Eve who rescued her during the Rwanda genocide. Kate works as legal criminal investigator in her moms law firm. When Her mother takes on a case prosecuting an African militia leader who was one of the leaders in the Rwanda genocide. Kate has a very strong response and opinion on her moms actions around the handling of the case.

I am thinking of making this a monthly thing. When I share my favorite shows either on Netflix, amazon anywhere. As a tv show binge-watcher, I look forward to your recommendations as well.


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