My current favorite Content Creating Apps

My current favorite Content Creating Apps

My current favorite Content Creating Apps

Creating content for Instagram and a website can be a little overwhelming. One thing that has helped me navigate this journey is apps that make the process easier. Today I will be sharing some of my favorite content creating apps. I am no way an expert on this, just sharing what I have used and hope it will be helpful to someone. All apps recommended have free versions which are what I use. To make it less cumbersome, I will be highlighting apps from four categories. Content planning, picture editing, video editing, and instatstory.

The first half of the year in review.

Content Planning

Due to work and family obligations, batching my content is what works for me. I plan my content ahead of time, take pictures, and edit them. Utilizing apps are away to stay organized, and also juggling both worlds easier. Then I use apps like ipreview and planoly to see what the images will look like on my Instagram feed. This apps allows you to move images around to help create the look/vibe you want your Instagram feed to evoke. You can also schedule posts and select hashtags applicable to your photo using these apps.

Picture Editing

My husband and I take all our pictures for the blog and Instagram. I edit the pictures using either Lightroom, Vsco, & Snapseed. I have both the desktop and mobile version of Lightroom. It is user friendly and straight forward to use. I still have ways to go on photography and editing. Youtube is a great resource for beginners. The desktop version of lightroom is not free, while the mobile version is free. Various influencers such as Marica Evans, Asiyami Gold offer presets that are available on both desktop and mobile versions of Lightroom. Vsco also has a free version with numerous filters, that complements darker skin as well. Snapseed is good for editing the background of photos, taking out objects from the background of your photos, editing color and shadows out of your image. Images from this post were edited using Lightroom.

Video Editing

The only video editing app I am familiar with is Inshot. There are numerous ones available. Like with other apps I have recommended. Inshot is easy to use, You can combine clips and turn it into one video. You can also add transitions, music, and filters. Numerous great value for a free app.


My two favorite apps to help personalize instatories are Mojo and Unfold. They both have various templates to suit each niche and make your story stand out. The pro version of both apps gives you the ability to use various fonts, filters, and templates to suit various niches.

I hope this post serves as a reference to anyone who is lost on what apps to help this journey easier.


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