My weekend in Tulum Mexico


Hello, today I am reminiscing on our trip to Tulum Mexico with my oldest 3 years ago. Since we cannot travel, due to the global pandemic of course. My need for a sandy beach will have to be appeased by a trip down memory lane to our trip to Tulum Mexico. Tulum is a small town /city in n Mexico, 2 hours drive from Cancun Mexico.

Prior to flying into Mexico, we booked a car service to drive us into Tulum on arrival to Mexico. There are other affordable options such as the local bus that is available to be taken from the airport to Tulum. We decided on the private car service due to us traveling with a toddler.

We had a week to spent 3 days in Tulum and 3 days in Cabo. While in Tulum we visited the Ruins, went to the beach, visited coco Tulum and


We stayed in a small boutique called Elements Boutique hotel. The staff was very helpful and courteous. The rooms were clean, breakfast was fair for the price and the best part was that the location was central to most places.

weekend in Tulum Mexico
weekend in Tulum Mexico
weekend in Tulum Mexico
weekend in Tulum Mexico

Tulum Ruins

The first day in Tulum we ate dinner at a local restaurant and called it a night early. On our first full day, we took a taxi to visit Tulum ruins. Although it was really hot, we had such a great time exploring the ruins and learning more about the mayan culture.

Coco Tulum

After a morning of exploring the ruins. we rode in a taxi to coco Tulum. A boutique hotel on the beach, where you can rent cabanas, and eat at the restaurant. Since we were not staying at the hotel, we had to pay to be able to eat at the restaurant and spend time on the beach. One of the great things about this restaurant is the swings they have, right there on the beach. The food was ok, s bit pricy but expected for a touristy location.

We ate mostly at the various small restaurants around town. One because the food was delicious and cheap. Two small businesses need patronage from tourists to help them economically. Thirdly we always make it a habit to eat locally whenever we take trips to truly experience the local cuisine.

On our final day in Tulum, guess what we did. We drove to a beach a few minutes away from Tulum and spent the morning at the beach prior to driving back to Cancun. Playa Paraiso is a beautiful public beach in Tulum. The sand is so white and pretty.


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