5 Tips To Transition into a New School Year

Hello friends! How are you getting ready for the new school session? It is getting close to that time to decide on what form of school session our kids will be in this new school year. Since my last post, we are now leaning towards enrolling Amir in virtual school for the next school session.

Today, I will be sharing 5 tips to Transition into a New School Year. Regardless of what the new school year may look like.  We intend to keep things as normal as possible to facilitate a smooth transition. Which means doing our back to school shopping at Walmart.  With a vast collection of stylish pieces all for affordable prices, Walmart is our go-to destination for back to school shopping.


Consistent Bedtime: I know in my household we have been a little lax on being consistent with our 8:30 bedtime. Now that the new school year is about to start, we have been practicing being consistent with our set bedtime. Sleep is essential in a child’s ability to be focused and receptive to learning in the school environment.

Learning space: It is also important to have a dedicated learning area in the home for school work. This is beneficial to both kids learning via a virtual environment and in the school environment. A dedicated learning space helps your child know that this is an area dedicated to school work only. Which helps put them in the mindset for learning.

Child Involvement: Explain and involve your child in their routine. A visual chart with pictures of what their day may look like can also help. If your child is learning to tell the time this is an activity that can help facilitate that task.

Shopping for school essentials: Shopping for back to school essentials early will help both parents and kids be better prepared for the new school year. Involve your kids in the shopping process, which I did with Amir. This helps get them excited about the new school session. I like to shop early because it helps prevent feeling overwhelmed with the back to school process. Walmart has a vast variety of fashion selections to suit each child’s unique style.

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Imperfection: Give yourself grace if the first week does not go as planned. This is all a new learning curve for most parents. Children will thrive and are most times oblivious to what we are concerned about.

Thank You to Walmart for sponsoring this post. All opinions stated are mine.


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