Dining Area Design Update

Hello, Hope you all have been doing well? It is been a while since I posted here. Life has been a bit busy lately. Today I will be sharing my dining area design update. I recently started a new job, and we are doing homeschool, and have family visiting. My new job is a source to give thanks to the highest. I have been actively pursuing this new role off and on for the past two years. So it is such a blessing to not only get to interview for the job. An offer with a great package during a pandemic is a cause for thanksgiving.

Dining Area Design Update

Now to the purpose of this post, My dining area/ breakfast nook update. Our old dining room furniture was on its last legs. The skin was peeling off and it was embarrassing hosting guests with chairs in such a dire state. I was determined to take my time in finding something timeless and that will withstand my boy’s rambunctiousness. My fellow boy moms will understand why this is a major requirement.

Dining Area Design Update

The design changes started with repainting our walls to Sherwin Williams London fog. Prior to this, we had a dark shade of blue on the walls, which was just too dark for the room. Then I found this beautiful light fixture, which was the inspiration for the design of the room. The sputnik 8 bulb with brass detail makes such a stunning statement. I wanted continuity in design, the brass details in the center table in the living room, lights, barstools to create a cohesive detail.

Dining Area Design Update

The chair design was something myself and my husband went back and forth on for a while. Choosing a design we both liked, then finding a color that is cohesive with our open layout. After a bit of back and forth we chose this beautiful design with brass legs and brass handles on the back. The velvet is easy to clean, which is a great detail with little kids. For stains i dampen a washrag with a little fabric softener and the stains come right off.

To Do List

Dining Area Design Update

There are still, somethings that need to be done to make this area truly complete.

  • I am on the look for a sideboard or case to place on the blank wall.
  • A round mirror or artwork above the sideboard.
  • We also need to install a rug. I have come across lots of great options, but still on decided at the moment.

All items listed in the picture can me purchase via my Likeitknow.it page. You may also enjoy reading about my bedroom update here


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