Restyling my Bedside Table a refresh

Restyling my Bedside Table a refresh

Restyling my bedside table by giving it a refresh could be a tricky endeavor. But, it is one am ready to tackle. The key here is to create a balance between the objects that will be used in the styling. There has to be a balance between essential items and non-essential items. This will be done by infusing my style and personality into the space.

Four essential items I building by design process on are the bedside lamps, jewelry box, vase and a picture frame. I will be sharing all about my design and thought process, behind each purchase with you. The goal is to Revamp my bedside table by making it more functional and yet stylish.

The Plan

Restyling my Bedside Table a refresh

Firstly, my first step will be to purchase a new lamp. My preference will be to find a lamp with height between 20-28 inches. The height of the lamp will act a focal point and make a grand statement I was aiming for. Also, with the lamps my preference will be to purchase one that has a usb charging outlet attached to it. This will help decrease the clutter and messiness. That arises from various cords hanging from the sides of the bedside table. 

Secondly, we currently have a mirrored bedside table, which I plan on keeping. The color is creamy off white color that matches perfectly to our poster bed-frame. To give it a new look, I may change out the knobs. I found some brass or black colored ones that I am loving on Wayfair.

Thirdly, Being a mama to two little kiddos another essential for me will be a jewelry box for my everyday jewelry. I currently do not have one which can be a huge inconvenience. On some nights, when I forget to take off my jewelry prior to getting into bed. Leaving them on the bedside table, I am subjecting them little sticky fingers getting a hold of them. I am thinking, that getting a jewelry box to corral little items like my rings, earrings at night. Will be a great alternate to this potential disaster.

Fourthly, I am also considering getting a little ring tray for my husband’s side of the bed as well. The final bit will be to get vases for both sides of the bed. I am thinking of vases, so that i can add flowers that correlate with the different seasons. 

Design Blueprint

So that’s my current plan, to give my bedroom bedside table an essential refresh. I will be sure to post the final look once it is completed, i will be partnering with one of my favorite brands to bring this refresh to live, so be on the look out for that. I am also open to suggestion and ideas so please share them with me in the comment section.

To shop the items in my shopping cart, Please use the links below. This links are affiliate links , which means I earn a small fee when you purchase an item using my link. Thank you for your support.


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