One Room Challenge Week 2|

Welcome to one-room challenge week 2. Prior to sharing our progress thus far. Here is a little history on the one room challenge.

During the spring and fall of each year. Featured designers are handpicked by Linda Weinstein and the team at ORC . To participate in a 6-week one-room makeover challenge. Where each designer gives a room of their choice a makeover. We are all carried along on the journey to transform these rooms. Luckily individuals like me with an Instagram or blog account can choose to sign up as a guest participant and join in on the fun.

Last week I discussed the plans for the half-bath. If you are just joining us you can read all about it here.

One Room Challenge Week 2

One room Challenge week 1

The most important decision I made was choosing the right wallpaper. I came across this wallpaper by Serena and lily. I was instantly in love, for me it gave visions of beaches, sunshine, and ocean breeze. Oh, or maybe I have been home for too long. When the wallpaper was delivered. I was elated that the design translated well in real life.

This past week we repainted the walls and the ceiling white. This instantly made the room bigger and opened up the room. The next thing to do was to apply the wallpaper. Applying wallpaper is not something that is new to us, we have done it in the past in two different rooms in our home.

With the half bath, it was essentially going to be tricky. due to the configuration of the walls.

The slants of the ceiling, the walls are not equal in height. We had to do some calculations on height &width to figure out the best way to approach this. We planned to apply the wallpaper to the walls midway. That is from the center of the wall to the ceiling. Then doing a board and batten treatment with the other half of the wall.


The next step is to take out the mirror and the vanity. We would be watching a lot of tutorials in the next couple of weeks on how to do this. Our intention is to also install the board and batten this week. Hopefully, we can get all this done within the next two weeks.

Here is a sneak peek of the wall with the wallpaper


To-do list for week 2

  • Buy supplies for the board and batten
  • watch tutorials on sink and mirror removal
  • Finalize vanity and mirror choices
  • Install board and batten

You can also follow along and see what the guest designers and featured designers are working on. I can be found on Instagram @ideallyoragnized where I share all the fun behind the scenes activities as we navigate this project.

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