One Room Challenge Week|4

Welcome to the one-room challenge week 4. Prior to sharing our progress thus far. Here is a little history on the one room challenge. During the spring and fall of each year. Featured designers are handpicked by Linda Weinstein and the team at ORC. To participate in a 6-week one-room makeover challenge. Where each designer gives a room of their choice a makeover. We are all carried along on the journey to transform these rooms. Luckily individuals like me with an Instagram or blog account can choose to sign up as a guest participant and join in on the fun.


If you are just joining us you can read up on all about we have been up to on Week 1, Week 2 and Week 3. When we left off last week we just installed the board and batten. Which we are totally in love with. This week the goal was to decide and purchase a mirror and vanity. After looking through various online and in-store we decided on this vanity from lowes.

The most important things we were looking for in a vanity set was one with a sink and adequate storage space. This OVE checked off all our needs and most especially came at a great price point. The vanity also comes with a brushed Nickle and black handles option. We decided on installing the brushed Nickle but I like knowing I have another option available to me if I change my mind.

The installation process was relatively straight forward. Due to the positioning of our pipes, we made a cut out in the back of the vanity to accommodate our low sitting pipes. Then secured the vanity to the wall with caulk.

The faucet also got upgraded to this beautiful brushed nickel one by Delta. After reading so many reviews and almost getting crossed eye we settled on this one. It is a pulldown faucet that will come in handy with little ones. Who are not tall enough to reach the vanity during hand washing.

We also purchased this beautiful mirror from Kirkland’s that is going to be going up on the wall soon. To see the mirror we purchased. Follow along to see all the behind the scenes details on Instagram.

To-do list for next week

  • Install Mirror
  • Finish wallpaper
  • Shop for accessories
one-room challenge week 3

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