6 ways to find joy during a Pandemic

5 ways to find joy during a Pandemic

Knowing and recognizing things or actions that bring us joy is a significant part of finding happiness. Today I will be highlighting 6 ways to find joy during a Pandemic. As the world around us continues to change and evolve leaving us with lost of questions and fewer answers. My way of staying centered is by acknowledging and doing things that bring me joy. I watch the television and browse through social media most times these days.It often feels like a continuous onslaught of terrible and terrifying news.

“The best kind of happiness is a habit you’re passionate about.” 

― Shannon L. Alder


Acknowledging and practicing things that bring me joy during this period has been a huge coping mechanism that I did not know I needed.

6 ways to find joy during a Pandemic


I will attribute this to the work my parents did on my siblings and I growing up. We were raised in a faith-based home and was always reminded that there is a higher power to lean onto in times of turmoil. As an adult, I am still benefiting from this teaching. I may not have all the answers but I know without a doubt that there is a high power who has all the answers.


All though we are all practicing social distancing. Staying connected with family via daily video calls and phone calls during this period as truly been a blessing. I feel like I talk to my siblings and parents more now than before the pandemic. When I start feeling closed in and overwhelmed. I just call anyone of my family members and talk about nothing and everything.


If you follow me on @ideallyorganized or have been reading the blog. I am sure you have seen the changes myself and my husband have been doing around the house. We updated our powder room and laundry room recently. One of my passions is home decor, hence this blog. Been forced to stay home and grounded has helped foster my DIY spirit.

 5 ways to find joy during a Pandemic

Self care

As a lover of all things beauty-related. Taking the time to pamper and treat myself has made quite a difference. I try to implement my morning and nightly skin regimen daily. The 10-15 minutes I take to this daily, really help boosts my morale. Another form of self-care is to reorganize your space. Getting rid of clutter, and donating items that are no longer needed. I have written two posts on kitchen organization and closet organization check it out if interested.


Our physical appearance has a great influence on our happiness. Although most gyms may be closed. Going on walks, watching exercise videos, meditation are some of the things I do to stay active. It has been said that a 12-minute walk is enough to improve an individual’s mood.


A good night’s sleep is essential to mental and physical wellness. It is so easy to enjoy late nights binging on various great shows on Netflix, but doing this constantly will inadvertently affect your mental state. Some ways I make sure I get a good night’s rest is by putting my phone into do not disturb at 10 pm each night, drinking a cup tea after dinner, and setting an alarm to remind me of my bedtime.


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