What are you watching: Netflix Edition.

What are you watching: Netflix Edition.

Thank God for Netflix!

I am eternally grateful to whoever came up with the idea for Netflix as I find it more satisfying to watch a series from the first episode to the very last episode at leisure. Perhaps, I should look into purchasing some stocks to commemorate my gratitude..ha!

My impatient nature wants to know the conclusion of the story, without having to wait a week just to get yet another snippet of what happens next.

So if you are the type that shares this similar trait with we and you currently do not have a Netflix account, quit snoozing and get on it already.  If you happen to be a T-mobile customer, there is a promo between Netflix and T-mobile that you might want to take advantage of too. Please contact your phone service provider for more details.

If you do have Netflix, what are your favorite shows to binge watch, dying to binge watch, or what series are you currently obsessing over? I will be sharing some of my faves and I look forward to your feedback about some of your favorite shows and recommendations.


Seven Seconds: A Flawless performance by a superb ensemble. Seven Seconds mirrors some of the core issues in our society today. It definitely makes my heart ache and gives me second thoughts about raising a black boy in America.

Jane the Virgin: An American twist on a Telenovela. After the first couple of episodes (if you hang in that long), your visceral response might be, “what kind of fluff is this?” By the fifth and sixth episodes, you are in love with the core cast and are curious about where the storyline would lead.

Blacklist: Action packed, suspense, romance, intrigue, and a former crime load. Imagine growing up thinking that the people who raised you were your parents, come to find out that they are not. A notorious crime lord on America’s most wanted list may be your dad. Your future husband could be a spy hired by your “maybe” father to keep tabs on you. All of this coupled with the fact that you happen to be an integral part of an FBI crime task force unit. 

Madam Secretary: Down to earth, intelligent, beautiful, multi-faceted, former CIA agent turned secretary of state, juggling family life, children, state intrigue, and preventing state wars daily. In my opinion, a well rounded bad ass chick you do NOT want to tango with. 

NarcosThe story of various Colombian drug lords, cartels and the role of the American government in ending it. Pablo Escobar and the Cali Cartel play front and center in this sometimes graphic show. 

Grace and Frankie: Two older women who detested each other with a passion but are brought together by grief. Due to their husbands’ lies and deceit, they come together in an unfathomable situation. Grace and Frankie deal with aging, sexuality, empty nesting, and familial relationships in a fun realistic nature. 

Stranger Things: Aliens, romance, kidnap, nerdy kids. government intrigue, experimental science. Need I say more?

Ozark: A plain vanilla Accountant with a beautiful stay at home wife and two kids camouflages a money laundering empire in the paradise that is the Ozarks.

Bloodline: Hatred, love, lies, sex, crime, familial relationship underscores the depths that a family will go to maintain its public persona to the world.


What are you watching or dying to watch? I’m all ears!




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