Valentine’s A La Casa

Valentines Day has become increasingly commercialized over the years. To be clear, I do recognize and celebrate valentine’s day. It actually happens to be one of my favorite holidays. I would love to be flown on a private jet to Venice, go on the gondola while sipping on a nice glass of my favorite bubble, with boo feeding chocolate covered strawberries. From there we will fly to Paris, take a walk on Avenue des Champs-Elysees, and have dinner overlooking the tower de Eiffel.  We will spend the night at the Ritz Carlton with every girl’s favorite blue box waiting on me.  

Please, someone, wake me up from this unrealistic romantic comedy. As a new parent with increased responsibilities, trying to be more financially responsible is very important to my hubby and I. While receiving presents are nice, the gift of alone time is gold to me and most of the mummy’s I know. Of course valentines day at home came to mind…..Ding ding ding! Breakfast in bed with a good historical romance novel to boot…..BLISS!

Celebrating Valentine’s Day at Home

Chocolate chip pancakes drizzled with raspberry sauce served with cup of hot cocoa

Lovely flowers of course to enhance to languid vibe

A sweet and savory dessert with your favorite bubbles to end the night.

Cornbread and Berries Delight

Have a great Valentines/ Galentines day

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