Sleep Chronicles Part II

If you were snoozing and missed my previous post on baby sleep chronicles, hop on over here to check it out. Sure it only took 3 months to get back on the blasted sleep topic but hey…who’s counting? (insert eye roll). Genius baby is thriving and growing so fast right in front of my eyes (sobs). I CANNOT believe I will be a mom to a one-year-old in T-20 seconds!! Soon he will be jetting off into the sunset with his wife and I won’t be his best girl anymore….sighs. I am so loving this journey with my little family and would not trade it for the world.

In case you did not know this already, I will fill you in for the umpteenth time…..I really do have a GENIUS baby (AKA “GB”). GB is LEEE-TUH-RAH-LEE the best baby in the entire world. He eats well, sleeps well, farts well, drools up a storm while teething, has a balding head that could rival Danny Devito, smacks me in the face in excitement and gets away with it like no other would, laughs as if he is hyperventilating, smiles/giggles for days….need I go on?

I digress from the topic of this post….sleep. My apologies guys! I tend to get carried away listing all the awesome things my baby does.

Updates to our sleep journey are as follows:

  • GB consistently sleeps through the night with some occasional disruptions such as teething (4 teeth and counting) or an ailment
  • Average 10 hour sleep time overnight with a 2-hour nap during the day. Keyword AVERAGE
  • Bedtime routine – dinner of solids, bath, book, bottle, pray, bed (no later than 9p during the weekdays). A walk would be thrown in here if weather and time permit.
  • 8/8:30p would be ideal bedtimes but mummy has to work (I like to get some quality in after work/daycare and before bedtime)
  • Going to sleep later does not equate sleeping in. If anything, GB is up earlier than usual when he goes to bed late. Sleep truly does beget sleep in his case.
  • Doing what works for US and nobody else = Happy mummy and happy baby!


Little Sister





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