10 tips for having an Organized Kitchen Pantry

We are going to be discussing 10 tips for having an organized kitchen pantry today.  Having an Organized kitchen pantry is doable once a great foundation is in place.  As with everything, there will be good and not so great times. The most significant thing is to keep the organization momentum going.

Here are my 10 effective tips for having an Organized Kitchen Pantry

  1. Empty out your pantry. Toss out expired spices and dry goods. You will be surprised the number of expired spices you have lingering in your pantry.
  2. Only keep the essentials. This is key!! You don’t want to keep holding on to things you don’t use. This defeats the purpose of decluttering your pantry.
  3. Arrange items into categories and subcategories. Ie spices, oils, baking etc
  4. Identify the number of bins and jars you will need to store your dry goods.
  5. I will recommend clear bins, this gives you a visual of items you are running out off with a glance into your pantry. Clearly shown in the image above. 
  6. Store your china and holiday dishes at the top row. This prevents them from breaking easily and it’s less accessible to the children.
  7. Label each bin, the reason behind this is clearly obvious. You don’t want to find yourself. in a position where you have seasoned your soup with sugar instead of salt. There are various reasonably priced labels on Etsy and Amazon. I currently have the black charcoal labels, I plan on changing that to either gold or blue lettering soon. 
  8. Write down the expiration dates with a sharpie at the back of each container
  9. Utilize a lazy susan for your oils and condiments.
  10. Put all items back in their place after each use and after each grocery run.


Buying List/Favourites

Peel and Stick wallpaper

Bucket Glass Jars with handle

Tall Glass Jars

Large Basket Bins

Long storage Bin

Chalkboard Labels

Lazy Susan


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