My experience/ journey Traveling with a Newborn

My experience/ journey Traveling with a Newborn

As a 21st-century mum google is my best friend :). I scoured through numerous mummy blogs and baby forums preparing for the time I will be experiencing traveling with a newborn. When my son was 6 months old, we took our first international trip as a family.

My somewhat type A personality never lets me do anything without being prepared. So it was important to read as much as I could on this new topic of traveling with a newborn. In order to prepare me for this adventure and new phase in our lives.  I love traveling and seeing new places. So I was determined to initiate our offspring as soon as possible.




Choosing a Destination

We decided that we did not want to go anywhere over 3 hours by air.  Which helped us narrow down our search. My reasoning behind this was if our darling offspring hated flying, a flight longer than three hours will be terrible for us and the passengers. With this reasoning in mind, we decided on Los Cabos. Which was a 2 hour 45 min flight from Houston.

Choice of Hotel

Based on my research and recommendations from other moms, I knew choosing a family-friendly hotel was at the utmost. I wanted a place that had activities for kids and also babysitting services. Also, Prior to booking the hotel, we confirmed with a representative that a bassinet will be available upon request. We stayed at Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos. A beautiful family friendly resort. The staff was great and the food was delicious.


My experience/ journey Traveling with a Newborn

Flight time

We decided on scheduling our flight close to his nap time, which worked out perfectly.  I changed his diaper prior to boarding the flight. Once the plane started taxing, I breastfed him and he went to sleep. Feeding during takeoff and landing helps relieve pressure in baby’s ears.  I also chose a window seat, because I wanted to decrease external stimulation as much as possible. I did not want the food carts or passengers getting up to go to the restroom interrupt his sleep, once he started napping.

Baby Clothing

Due to how cold it is on the plane, I had him in layers to prevent him from getting congested and having a cold. So, I wore a onesie and socks for him while at the airport. Prior to boarding I put him in a footed overall and applied the Vicks baby rub on his chest and feet.

Travel Gear

As a first time mom, I am not ashamed to say looking back on it, I probably over packed. I say its better to be safe, than sorry. For the plane ride, I will recommend at least two extra sets of clothes. It’s essential in case of diaper blowouts, food stains etc. We used the travel system (stroller and car seat) at the airport and it was checked in at the gate. Also extra set’s  of bibs, blankets, diapers, and wipes are a most. On the flight, I had him in a baby carrier my favorite being the ergo baby 360 fyi.

I chose the baby carrier over having a car seat on the flight because one, it’s cheaper, and we don’t have to pay for three seats. Also with him in my arms, I can rock him back to sleep as soon as he gets fussy.  We also traveled with his pack and play because I was suspicious of using the hotel’s bassinet. Which I am sure I could have wiped down with Lysol instead having to pay to check in the pack and play as a third bag.


For Mums

  • Check in your hand luggage if traveling alone.  This gives you an extra set of hands, your back will thank you and you will be less cranky 🙂
  • Keep the diaper bag as light as possible. Remember your back.
  • A nursing cover for breastfeeding mums.
  • A manual breast pump will be needed for longer flights, extra set of bottles to store milk, freezer packs and a cooler to store pumped milk.
  • The flight attendants will provide you with hot water upon request to warm babies bottles.
  • Pack extra set of clothes for yourself just in case you become a victim of a blowout
  • Pack a travel size pack of sanitary wipes, to clean and sanitize anything your baby will come in contact with.
  • It’s ok if your baby cries and fusses on the plan. That’s what babies do,  any passenger that does not understand that can go buy a private jet.
  • Remember these are all suggestions, please always follow your instinct as a mum. No matter how new you maybe on this journey.
  • Kids travel for free until they two years old. So please take advantage of this period.

My two year old as of today has been on 18 flights. He has visited 8 cities and 6 countries.  I did not realize we had traveled this much until I started writing this post.

Links to some the items recommended

Footed onesie Here

Ergo baby carrier Here

Vicks baby Rub Here

Pack and play Here

Safe Travels



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