I reorganized my Kitchen Pantry

Hi, Guys Bisola here. Today I am sharing steps on how I reorganized my kitchen pantry. A difficult place in the home to keep organized is the Kitchen Pantry, most times it may serve as a dumping ground for all food items. I am sharing tips and ideas on how I reorganized my kitchen pantry. My kitchen pantry reorganization came as a daunting task to me when I started this journey. As a Nigerian, a lot of our meals are crafted around grains.

I wanted to find a way for my food items to be displayed elegantly, easy to access and did I say look pretty? My goal was to be able to shop in my pantry like I would while walking down the grocery aisle at a heb or Walmart. So after two years in my new home, I can finally say, “I love my kitchen pantry.” I will be sharing images from my reorganized kitchen pantry.

Links to where most of the items I used can be bought. My inspirations were glass jars and my favorite color blue. After numerous visits to my neighborhood Target, Home Goods, and Walmart, I had come up with a game plan. The first thing I did was make a list, by utilizing my iPhone notes and calendar app These two tools as basic as they may sound have saved me from numerous near-catastrophic incidents. I guess that will be a story for another day.

The sample list below helps determine the number of storage containers you will need to purchase.

The item categories can be altered to suit your household needs.

I created a list of all food items in the following categories:


• Rice

• Beans

• Oats

• Wheat Flour

• Garri ( Cassava Flour)

• Amala ( Yam Flour)

• Oat Fufu ( Oat Flour)


• Honey Cheerios

• Corn Flakes


• Macaroni

• Linguine


• Brown sugar

• Salt

• Cane Sugar


• Teas

• Hot Chocolate

• Snacks

• Baby

• Nuts


For my grains, I used glass buckets with handles from home goods.

I wanted jars that were visually appealing but also practical. The handles give a good grip when getting items in an out of the pantry. Below are some of the pictures of my dare I say, a “fantastic” reorganized pantry. Before you view the pictures, please pardon my handwriting on the labels. Cursives are not my forte:)

Before Pictures

After Pictures



Below are the links to where some of the canisters I used are sold.

These are Similar canisters I used for my sugar and salt Here

These are Similar to the ones I used for rice and beans Here

The only difference is that mine is glass while this is acrylic. I got mine from Home Goods but I can’t find it on their site.

Large mason jars for my oat and wheat Here Jars used for different types of  macaroni Here

Link to the storage bins Here

Link to the labels Here

Please comment and share images of your Pantry reorganizations with us. Good luck! Bisola




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