Sleep Chronicles Part I

Genius Baby problems

“I got this…I got this….ahdhadhhduwdhiwho”

This is the story of my life guys. The Chanting the above mantra in my head until the words blur together and my head starts to swim. Sleep deprivation, working mummy, traveling daddy, and city commute is killers I tell you. Can you imagine sleep training a genius baby under these conditions??!?!?! (Yes, I said it….My baby is a genius and I promise to prove it….one day….just watch this space) It is indeed a miracle I still have any hair left….Arghhhhhhhhhhh.  I did come across this post here that I thought was HILARIOUS!

What to do?

As I alluded at the beginning of this post, a culmination of things led to the start of my sleep training journey with GB (“Genius Baby” guys). I am beyond fortunate to work for an employer with an enviable maternity leave policy…….Hallelujah! You don’t even want to get me started on some ridiculous policies out there. Rant for another day but it really is heartbreaking:( I lucked out in being able to stay home with GB the first 6 months of his life. That great fortune also had its downside in the sense that we just went with the flow when it came to feeding, naps, bedtime, etcetera. Needless to say, my going back to work was rough on both of us but more so MEEEE!

A few words that underscored my first couple of weeks back at work: Overwhelmed, Tired, Failure and Chaos. No matter how much I tried to get up earlier, plan better, be more efficient, I just couldn’t get ahead or get out of my own head. You could literally see a giant L for Loser on my forehead…lol. I felt like I was failing as a mum, a wife, and a career woman. I honestly don’t know if it is a female or human thing that we put so much unwarranted pressure on ourselves. No matter how much “Big Sister” voiced words of encouragement to me, my head just wasn’t receiving it……blasted sleep deprivation perhaps? IDK but things were quite rough.

New normal

To cut the long story short, I came to the conclusion that the path GB and I were on was not sustainable for either of us. Happy wife = Happy life and Happy mum = Happy Baby:) A few things I discovered on our journey:

I will start with a few caveats which are not all-inclusive.

  • Sleep training is not for every one or more importantly EVERY child
  • Comparison is the thief of joy (heard that somewhere but don’t recall where to include due credit). Do NOT compare your child to another’s. Even identical twins are ultimately DIFFERENT.
  • I am not a sleep training or healthcare professional. I just happen to be sharing my family’s sleep training journey with you in the hopes that it helps ONE or MORE persons.


Dos for GB

Warm bath before bedtime

Double diaper/Size up/Nighttime diapers (to prevent leaks)

Evening stroll to get some fresh air

Warm bottle

Sound machine


Nice cuddle and kisses:)

Don’ts for GB

Feeding to sleep

Rocking to sleep

Pacifier (cut cold turkey at onset of sleep training)

Going into room at intervals if upset


I would like to think that a pinch of patience, a dash of determination, a cup of consistency, and a flame (sorry I couldn’t think of anything more clever that works in this context…lol) of flexibility could make a world of difference in achieving a stellar recipe for sleep training an infant!!

Watch out for Part II of my sleep series in the coming weeks.



Little Sister


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